The Agrarian Center for Creation, Culture, and Conscience

Welcome to Ithaka Fellowship, a ministry whose mission is to help people abide in Christ for the sake of creation, culture, and acts of conscience through biblical coaching, mentoring, and discipleship events.

Everywhere I travel and teach, I find Christians who long for a more meaningful life. They are tired of just coping. Deep down they know they were created with the need and capacity for a fruitful and rewarding life but they are stuck, tired, and unsure how to move forward. They need help with the transformation process.

The very good news is: Change is possible through an abiding relationship with Jesus. At Ithaka, our uniquely designed PODS Process™ is a holistic and integrated model of abiding that will help you grow and mature in all the aspects of your humanity. The implications of prayer, work, family, friendship, art, culture, and compassion for creation and the people around you will become life-encompassing realities flowing from the Vine. I invite you to explore the resources found here and consider reaching out for soul care.

With you in the Faith,


Rev. Dr. Duane D. Otto