Ithaka Film Forum

Do you love movies? I sure do and we would love for you to join us for a movie and discussion one night. The Ithaka Movie Forum is a space to watch and discuss films. It is open to all folks and we hope for a diverse crowd so that we can have a great range of input as we observe and discuss. We watch all types of films from dramas and documentaries to animation and shorts, there is something for everyone.

But maybe you are wondering, “Why are film discussions part of a faith-based, agrarian, communal non-profit?” Well, Ithaka opens it’s doors to a number of people with different passions and creative bends. I’m one of those folks and I happen to love movies and write about them for I believe that we see the truth of creation, brokenness, salvation, redemption and hope in all art forms. Film is such a powerful medium, it offers us the chance to observe those themes through visual stories! I particularly enjoy films with the theme of sacrifice. Actress Tilda Swinton put it this way, “It’s this amazingly humane opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of somebody else. A filmmaker can take you into an experience, and an existential atmosphere, it’s a transport.” Film is a way to view the world and a way to learn how to connect with each other. God is so creative, and he has passed that creativity onto us and I’m so glad he gave each of us stories to tell. This is why I love watching movies with people and talking through what we just experienced. I hope you will join us!

Join us this Summer for "Dinner and a Movie" nights! Plan a Friday night with Ithaka Fellowship at different locations for dinner, a movie, conversation and fellowship. Find out more information on our calendar. 

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