Abiding in Christ

For the Sake of Culture

Culture consists of the institutions and achievements by which we as a society define and enrich our lives. It includes neighborhoods, churches, family, law, economies, art, music, movies, and much more. All culture ultimately derives from the fact that people are created in the image of God and gifted to create.

Union with Christ is the broad substratum of truth underlying the doctrine of redemption. As Hodge put it, "it begins with the eternal purposes of our heavenly Father and becomes manifested in the decree of election, the incarnation of the Son, and the official working of the Spirit of Christ." Residing above this Trinitarian substrate, if you will - giving the human soul the opportunity to live out by faith a fertile, rooted, and upward bound existence - is an all encompassing conception of the world, specifically: that for those united to Christ by the Spirit, who cry out to God as "Abba! Father!" (Rom 8:14), all of life is incarnational, sacramental, and yes even surprisingly mysterious! We seek to reiterate these foundational truths by affirming and exploring various aspects of human culture and imagination.