Abiding in Christ

For the Sake of Creation

In Christ, the believer's relationship with creation is both physical and spiritual, one of service and stewardship. What does this process look like? We believe abiding in Christ is the connection between our God's work and our work. Our doing and working are meant to be the fruit of the Father, Son, and Spirit working in us. Creation and the care of all that God has made, including our bodies, is part of the mandate placed upon every sincere follower.

What are the implications of Christ being present and active in our souls? More specifically, if Christ is functionally present and desires to actively express His life through us for His glory, what benefit will this have, if any, on creation and the care of our bodies? Here at Ithaka we believe how we treat our bodies and place around us is symptomatic of our inner moral state. Conversely, how we treat our bodies and place around us also affects our inner moral state. In other words, our relationship with creation is at once a sign of our spirituality and a significant force in shaping our spirituality.

Often the quest to understand this relationship becomes a search for the right formula, the right technique, the perfect program that can be quickly implemented and produce immediate results. Here at Ithaka we resist taking such a approach. We believe humility and biblical Wisdom must be our guide as we journey down the path of spiritual wholeness.