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Welcome to Ithaka Fellowship's home on the web! Do you desire to enter more deeply into the intimacy of knowing God, others, and the created world? Do you long to be invited on a spiritual journey of transformation, an adventure of sorts, that will address the deepest places of your soul, and result in deeper connections with your neighbor, community, and the land?

If so, God's invitation to you is winsomely extended and made known through an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ (Matthew 11:28). In fact, here at Ithaka we regard union with Christ as both personal and corporate participation in the life of God through the indwelling work of the Spirit who unites our hearts in faith to Christ. In other words, just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relate to one another through mutual indwelling, our relationship with Jesus brings believers into an intimate fellowship with the Father, by the indwelling ministry of the Spirit. 

Cultivating this hidden life in God is the context for everything that we do at Ithaka. Why? Because we believe the mutual indwelling of God and believer is a reality that enables us to see that all of life is interrelated; that God’s passion for glory is to be our passion; God’s sacrificial love must be our best expression of service to humanity; God’s creative and redemptive plans for creation, culture, and acts of conscience must be worked out through our own imaginations and life choices.

In a fallen, post-agrarian, and secularized world, such a life in Christ is far from easy. Ithaka’s mission is simply to give people an opportunity to return once again to the land and see its glory through the eyes of the Creator. Our events and lectures are compassionate, yet, critical attempts to critique culture and offer a holistic and healing pathway through the confusion, with the wisdom of Scripture lighting the way for Christian living and spiritual transformation.

If you want to learn about the early days of this growing study center, check out Duane's interview below. Ithaka Fellowship is a partner member of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers,

  • In Christ, the believer's relationship with creation is both physical and spiritual, one of service and stewardship. What does this process look like? We believe abiding in Christ is the connection between our God's work and our work. Our doing and working are meant to be the fruit of the Father, Son, and Spirit working in us. Creation and the care of all that God has made, including our bodies, is part of the mandate placed upon every sincere follower.

  • Culture consists of the institutions and achievements by which we as a society define and enrich our lives. It includes neighborhoods, churches, family, law, economies, art, music, movies, and much more. All culture ultimately derives from the fact that people are created in the image of God and gifted to create. We seek to reiterate this truth by affirming and exploring aspects of human culture.

  • Actions of the conscience are derived from the soul, the place where knowledge of the mind and affections of the heart come together. These give birth to both word and deed, which are either in agreement with or against the Spirit of Christ. The call to abide in Christ compels us to nurture these actions of the conscience and to discern the heart and mind of the Trinity by entering more deeply into teaching and reflection, extended times of solitude and prayer, self-examination, confession, fellowship with other believers, and fuller participation in issues of justice.

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Duane shares the story of Ithaka

We were very honored to be included in the Covenant Magazine Alumni News, Summer/Fall 2013, Vol 28. No. 2.

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